My Beloved Causes

Songs By Heart ~~ connecting people with memory loss to the joy of music

Singer Nancy Gustafson and I co-founded this organization with the goal of bringing singers and song into as many nursing homes and memory-challenged residences across the country as we can.  'Songs By Heart' began in Chicago, then spread to Los Angeles and Phoenix.  We have watched music make a lasting difference in the lives of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  People who cannot remember very much at all can remember their favorite songs … and sing them with us!

Christel House International ~~ changing the world 4,000 children at a time
Christel DeHaan has a mission!  She knows every child deserves a seat at the table of life and she believes you "lift from the bottom".  Only the most impoverished children are admitted to Christel House learning centers around the world.  The students at Christel Houses are excelling academically and are learning important life skills as they go.  CHI success rates are stunning and I am thrilled to be part of the CHI Family of supporters.  Truth is, I’d love to live in Cape Town, SA, someday and be involved at Christel House there.

AMPATH ~~ the Indiana University Kenya Partnership
Perhaps the greatest work IU is doing is also its best-kept secret and I hope to help change that.  AMPATH (Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare) was founded by three IU docs 25 years ago and has changed the lives of over 4 million people in western Kenya.  Comprehensive medical care is available for everyone there now and I am proud, proud, proud to be attached to a university that sees beyond its borders to reach out and help a population in need.